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SWISS & WORLD STAR Price 2009/10 - Polyfoil® Dropper Tube

The innovative Polyfoil® Dropper Tube from Neopac won the Swiss Star 2009 Award. The patented system is unbreakable, convenient to use and provides optimum protection for sensitive liquids.
Dropper systems are normally found in glass or plastic bottles.  Both materials have disadvantages: glass is fragile and plastic has only minimal barrier properties. Therefore, the packaging experts, Neopac in Oberdiessbach near Thun, developed a Polyfoil® dropper application system for its barrier tubes. The patented system is unbreakable, convenient to use and provides optimum protection for sensitive liquids. The tube is suitable for oxygen-sensitive eye, nose and ear drops, veterinary products and food supplements to name but a few.

The innovative development received official accolade at Lenzburg Castle at the end of October: the novel dropper tube won the highly coveted Swiss Star 2009 Award. This year celebrates the 40th anniversary of the most prestigious Swiss packaging award.

Precise and safe
The Neopac dropper tube is extremely convincing thanks to its high level of precision and safety.  Regardless of the pressure applied to the tube, the drops are always the same size, thus ensuring accurate and consistent medicine dosage. The tube is suitable for both water- and oil-based solutions. The tamper-proof, tear-off band guarantees maximum protection.  All materials that come into contact with the tube contents satisfy pharmaceutical primary packaging requirements.

Remarkable barrier properties
The dropper tube is available from a wall thickness of 350 µm. Polyfoil® tubes possess remarkable barrier properties: they protect against light and diffusion and are impermeable and corrosion-resistant. They allow a longer product shelf-life than polyethylene or Coex tubes. All of the dyes and varnishes used to decorate the new dropper tube are UV-tempered and, in direct contrast to heat-tempered dyes and varnishes, do not release any solvents during processing. Thus the recipient of the Swiss Star 2009 Award not only keeps the panel of judges and the customers happy, but also the environment.