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we protect your valuable fillings

Our resources are precious.
Employees, a good reputation and a sound financial position are the most important resources of our family company. We cautiously plan investments and pursue an on-going business development strategy, thus creating a secure basis for our company. We give our employees skills and responsibility. All are insured against accidents, illness, disability and unemployment. A pension is guaranteed on retirement. Men and women are treated equally.

Nature is precious.
Processes, energy, water, waste and transport: The manufacture of our products is associated with costs and emissions. We take care of natural resources by optimising supply chains, our production processes and the life cycle of our packaging. We want to know what impact our business has on the environment and what we can do to protect the environment to the best of our ability.

Your products are precious.
Our Polyfoil® tubes protect your products against undesirable effects and extend their life-span. When developing products, we pay particular attention to environmentally friendly designs and materials. We closely follow trends and tendencies, and are constantly testing out new materials and excipients.

The next generation is precious.
We take responsibility for what we do and what we leave behind. We want to leave the surroundings intact for future generations. Therefore measures to protect the environment and resources are part and parcel of our company strategy.