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Our Polyfoil® tubes offer the best protection against light, air, water vapor diffusion and substance migration. Not only do their barrier properties win you over, but they are also very user-friendly and safe. They also offer high compatibility with liquid or semi-solid medication. The selection ranges from single-dose tubes and airless pump or dropper tubes, to tubes with tamper-proof and child resistant features. Various applicators facilitate correct dosage and the application of medicine. Trust the original when it comes to the main packaging materials for applications in dermatology, ophthalmology, animal health and pain relief.

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The perfect dress for your beauty products: Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes are fitted with excellent barrier properties, captivating aesthetics for the best brand presence and various applicators for simple and precise handling. Whether for skincare, makeup, men’s grooming, natural cosmetics or cosmeceuticals, your products are protected from light, air andwater vapor diffusion and substance migration. With embossing, metallic and pearl effects, stylish metal or plastic caps, sensory finishes (soft-touch tube) and innovative applicators, there are virtually no limits to the distinctive look of your tube.

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From the mass-production of tubes with the thinnest walls to premium toothpaste with the soft-touch feature, seamless printable Polyfoil® tubes with the best barrier quality have long been the dental industry's go-to reference product – tactilely and visually totally compelling and perfectly shaped to the very last application. Just as popular as the material is our TopStar™ cap with a tamper-proof seal that can be removed in no time at all. Or, our nozzle heads for precise application. You can count on quality for numerous applications and unique design options when it comes to toothpaste, whitening, adhesive creams and dental technology.

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Other industries

Many customers in the food and household, as well as chemical and technical industries rely on our Polyfoil®, PE and COEX tubes. They keep the contents fresh, are easy to use and look fantastic. Reference products include marinades, decorative chocolates, silicone applications, polishes and lubricating oils, amongst many others; we pack (almost) everything in semi-solid or liquid form and develop tailor-made solutions. Challenge us!

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The Original: Invented in 1965 and still the number one today amongst the barrier tubes, our Polyfoil® tube is a specially made laminate tube or aluminum barrier tube (ABL) with unique properties; it reliably protects products against light, air and water vapor diffusion and substance migration. Moreover, it keeps its shape and can be printed on all around thanks to its invisible longitudinal seam. The Polyfoil® tube is available in different material combinations, which can vary depending on the resistance of the filling material and the desired feel. It is standard to have a PE / Alu / PE composite, and a combination of PP / Alu / PP is suitable for sterilization.

5 Layers0000 Decorative layer with color pigments varnished and inks Tie-layer Aluminim functional barrier Tie-layer Food or pharma grade plastic


PE tubes, also called mono-layer tubes, are extruded from pure polyethylene. We use PE-HD (High Density Polyethylene), PE-LD (Low Density Polyethylene), PE-LLD (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) or a combination of the above to achieve the desired feel. Mono-layer plastic tubes are ideal for products that do not have specific requirements with regard to barriers. They keep their shape and are broadly compatible, and they are well suited as a compelling solution even for smaller budgets.

1 Layer0000 Polyethylene


Co-extruded tubes are plastic tubes with three to five layers, also called multi-layer tubes. Thanks to their barrier layer made of EVOH, they protect well against oxygen, gases, solvents and oils. Compared to plastic mono-layer tubes, COEX tubes are generally less permeable and more resistant to chemicals.

5 Layers Bw 650 Masked0000 Decorative layer with color pigments varnished and inks Adhesive layer EVOH layer Adhesive layer Food grade plastic


Through the use of reduced, renewable, recycled or recyclable materials in our EcoDesign concept, we make a significant contribution with our products to the circular economy. With the EcoDesign tubes, we place value on the highest-possible product protection and valid regulatory guidelines in the corresponding markets. Discover our sustainable packaging solutions:

Eco Material0000
Decorative layer with color pigments varnished and inks Tie-layer Aluminim functional barrier Tie-layer Food or pharma grade plastic
Decorative layer with color pigments varnished and inks Adhesive layer EVOH layer Adhesive layer Food grade plastic
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Head Styles & Caps

Our range of caps is as diverse as the uses and requirements of contract manufacturers, brand owners and consumers. It varies from single-dose tubes with twist locks, flip-top caps and screw caps, which can be embossed, metallized or decorated with a metal shell.

User-friendly applicators such as airless pump tubes, soft or cooling tips, roll-on tubes and dropper tubes are even more unique. For maximum safety, we provide caps with tamper-proof or child resistant features, certified according to ISO 8317 and US US 16 CFR § 1700.20.

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At the point of sale, the unique appearance of a tube often determines the consumer's decision on whether to buy it or not. With our diverse decoration possibilities, we can color and finish your tubes according to the specifications of your brand design.

Whether it is offset printing, silkscreen printing, embossing or varnishing, state-of-the-art processes, such as cold foil stamping and fully seamless printing, ensure that your products look brilliant from all sides – from high-gloss, silk-like, rough or matt, to metallic and pearl effects, holograms and 3D effects.

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