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Neopac launches «beauty droplets»

This year we are fulfilling our customers’ wish: that the packaging should allow the delivery of simple, clean and precise doses of highly concentrated contents. This ensures that as little as possible of the active ingredients are lost and it can be applied precisely.

First at Luxe Pack Monaco we were showing the dropper solution for liquid make-up, hair oil, nail care, food supplements and dental care serums. The new ‘beauty droplets’ set includes 3 to 30 ml tubes for liquid cosmetic applications.
The insert at the tip of the elegant tubes is unique because it releases the contents in simple and precise doses. The dropper tubes are crowned by a slender metal cap and fully covering plastic caps with or without embossing, gloss or matt.

The tube bodies are vibrantly coloured Polyfoil® metallic-look, finished with flexographic printing, screen printing and hot foil stamping. The packaging units are a handy small size, just right for carrying in a handbag.

Beauty Droplets from Neopac