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European Veterinary Dermatology congress News Events Web 05. September 2023

Unveiling the Future of Vet Dermatology Packaging: Insights from ECVD 2023

Maud Sylvain-Neugart, our Animal Health Expert, recently participated at the European Veterinary Dermatology Congress. We had the chance of sitting down with an industry expert, delving into the world of Vet Dermatology packaging. With a keen focus on sustainability and innovation, we gained valuable insights into the goals, trends, and emerging technologies shaping the future of Neopac's developments in this sector.

Can you briefly describe the purpose and goals of your recent trade experience in the Vet Derma sector?

Maud Sylvain-Neugart: I attended the ECVD because I wanted to understand the primary packaging requirements of the Vet Dermatology industry.

What were some key takeaways or insights you gained during your trade visit regarding the current state of the Vet Dermatology packaging?

Maud Sylvain-Neugart: Vial applicators should ease the dispensing of dermatology medicines. Ear treatment requires, for example, convenient and pain-free applicators. These should remain clean after multiple uses. Chewy tablets for dogs to treat parasites are very popular, but spot-on remains the best option to treat cats and rabbits.

Can you share any noteworthy trends or emerging technologies that you observed during the trade that are impacting the future Neopac developments?

Maud Sylvain-Neugart: Sustainability is key for the Vet Dermatology industry. It is crucial to integrate sustainable packaging, using recycled material content and/or making packaging recyclable. Multiple-use treatments with accurate dosing and convenient pain-free applicators are what the Vet Dermatology market is looking for!

The future of Vet Dermatology packaging is bright, with a strong focus on sustainability and user-friendly designs. As we look ahead, Neopac remains committed to innovating in line with these emerging trends. For more updates on our sustainable packaging solutions for Animal Health click here. Together, we can shape a greener and more efficient future for Vet Dermatology packaging.

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