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Go Paper. Save Plastic.

Introducing PaperX Tube: the sustainable packaging solution that sets your product apart!

With its fiber-based composition, PaperX Tube offers a refreshing alternative to plastic tubes, helping you attract the next generation of eco-conscious consumers while meeting your sustainability goals.

Choose PaperX Tube and reduce your plastic consumption by 46% compared to traditional COEX tubes. You'll also reduce your carbon footprint by 24%.

Contribute to a sustainable future by using renewable resources: The tube body is made of 80% paper from FSC-certified forests.

Experience the new generation!

With PaperX, your brand is on the right path. It features a pleasant and smooth texture that is visually appealing during presentation. Its tactile properties offer customers a special experience in-store and at home, making it an ideal option for natural and organic products.

Excellent Sealability

The sealability of the PaperX Tubes was rigorously tested on IWK's standard tube filling and sealing equipment in October 2023, marking a significant achievement and validation of Neopac's breakthrough. 

The results are impressive - The PaperX tube achieved commendable sealing results. Overcoming the historical challenges of sealability in fiber-based tubes, the PaperX Tubes, with their proven weldability and strength, represent a significant milestone in the evolution of sustainable packaging.

Dream big when it comes to printing!

Limitations? Hardly any! 

Show off your unique designs! We offer all flexo and digital printing options: virtually unlimited customization and eco-friendliness with instant printing and personalized tubes thanks to variable data.

The new generation PaperX makes no compromises: they can be easily filled and sealed on standard tube filling machines.


  • Natural and organic cosmetics
  • Skincare products
  • Body lotion
  • Sun protection

PaperX - made from 80% paper

  • Aufbau Tube
  • Siegel Paper X RGB tiny


Body Paper laminate
Shoulder PE Snap-on
Cap PP Flip-top cap
46% less plastic
80% paper in tube body
24% less CO
digital printing
Paper from FSC certified forests
Diameter Ø35 mm / Ø40 mm / Ø50 mm
Wall thickness 0.30 mm
Length 83 mm-175/200 mm
Content 40 ml-200 ml
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