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From the milk bottle to the tube:
The recycling process

There is a closed recycling loop for milk bottles. That means that after use, consumers throw milk bottles away into purpose-built collection containers. The bottles are then taken to a recycling plant and processed into pellets (PCR material).

Similarly, process-related waste is reused in industrial laminate production. This waste is sorted by type and converted back into new pellets (PIR material).

Our recycled tubes are made from a mixture containing 75% of these recycled, food-compliant plastics.
The reuse of these resources does not result in any leftover renewable resources and reduces the production of new plastics. The empty tube is disposed of in the same recycling stream as a conventional PE tube. Tubes are decorated using solvent-free colors and low-solvent varnishes.

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Cap options for recycled tubes:
Ocean plastic materials made from disused fishing ropes

This ocean plastic material is a high quality recycled raw material originating from the marine industry. The fishing and sea ropes are collected after use and re-used in different ways, either as the only material (100%) or mixed as a smaller percentage.

By choosing recycled raw materials, you are helping to close material cycles even further. This also reduces the improper disposal of materials and sea pollution, so that valuable resources are maintained.

We use 100% ocean plastic materials for the cap of the recycled tube.

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  • Skincare
  • Hair care
  • Facial care
  • Foundation make-up
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Organic cosmetics

Advantages of the recycled tube

  • Tube and cap made from recycled materials
  • You reach your sustainable packaging goals
  • Supports your brand message at the point of sale
  • Less consumption of new materials
  • Recycling of waste and ocean plastic
  • Food-compliant tube material
  • Reducing the ecological footprint of your entire product
  • Carbon footprint: Up to 25% reduced CO2 emissions compared to standard PE tubes


Tube 75 % recycled material
25 % HDPE
Cap Ocean plastics rPP; matt, only dark colors
Standard cap solutions
Diameter 19 - 50mm
Content 10 - 300ml
Offset printing
Silkscreen printing
Gloss and matt varnish
Quality Tube: Food grade
Cap: not food-compliant
Sustainability ISO 14001


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