We are delighted to have received numerous awards in recent years for our own developments and customer references. They are a wonderful confirmation of our work at the highest level.

  • PICEA™  wood tube - Liebwerk ETMA Tube Of The Year 2022 PICEA Liebwerk PICEA™ wood tube - Liebwerk
  • Polyfoil® MMB ETMA Tube Of The Year 2022 Polyfoil MMB Polyfoil® MMB
  • Stylo™ Small Tube - Filorga ETMA Tube Of The Year 2021 Stylo FILORGA Stylo™ Small Tube - Filorga
  • Recycled plastic tube - Manna & Farfalla Manna Farfalla Wpo 2021 Recycled plastic tube - Manna & Farfalla

Do you have very specific requirements for the packaging of your product and your own ideas? Whether it is a certain barrier, a special application or an innovative decorative feature, (almost) everything is possible. Together, we can develop your tailor made solution – from the idea of the tube applicator, the material and decorative features, right up to mass-production.

    Awards Tailor made development


As a leading manufacturer of primary packaging, we follow a consistent quality policy and align ourselves with the needs of our customers. We continuously optimize systems and processes to ensure the highest product quality in the future, too. Methods such as the Annual Product Review (APR) or Balanced Score Card (BSC) provide the necessary foundations for this. All materials are clearly defined as pharmaceutical or food compliant and meet the regulatory requirements of REACH, the EU’s food legislation and the FDA. We adhere to the U.S. Drug Master File for our pharmaceutical specifications. We observe the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and produce in clean rooms according to ISO 14644 class 8/9.


Quality, Environmental, and Product Safety policy (EN)

ISO 9001
ISO 15378
ISO 14001

ISO 9001
BRC/IoP Global Standard 6.0
ISO 14001

ISO 9001
BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging Materials

ISO 9001
ISO 15378



The design of a tube is often a contributor to the consumer's final decision to buy when faced with competition. To ensure that your product gets into the consumer's shopping basket, we can support you in the following areas:

  • Determining tube specifications (material, body caracteristics, head, orifice, cap)
  • Advice on the tube decoration
  • Printing preparation / data processing
  • Simple transfer of the artwork
  • Data and quality control as well as archiving
  • In-house stencil production (CTP)

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In our own laboratory, we can carry out tube production tests and help you when choosing colors and effects:

  • Compatibility and decoration tests
  • Substance migration analysis
  • Advice on tube sterilization
  • Coloring of tubes, caps and applicators
  • Permeation tests (O2 / H2O)
  • Customized varnishes and effects
  • Production of samples in small quantities (for example, for your marketing department)
  • Laboratory analytical studies

The packaging and transport of tubes is challenging. The use of the right packaging units and stable materials means that loading, filling and sealing is as easy as possible for you. We look for packaging with low material consumption. And we offer special secondary packaging for subsequent tube sterilization.

We regularly exchange with manufacturers of tube filling and sealing machines. In our database, we have stored the system-specific parameters for the optimal end-welding of all tube materials.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please write to:


    Design Laboratory Logistics Tubesealing


Manufacturing our products is associated with costs and emissions. We save natural resources by optimizing the supply chain, our manufacturing processes and the lifecycle of our packaging. We want to know what impact our business has on the environment and what we can do to protect the environment to the best of our ability. Here are some examples:

Auxiliary Materials

All our paints and coatings are UV-resistant and therefore low in solvents.


All our pallets are exclusively (non-chemically) heat-treated. The wood used comes from Switzerland. 71 % of all pallets are reusable.


Our locations in the center of Europe result in short transportation distances to and from our business partners.


34 % of our energy comes from hydroelectric power.


Our cardboard packaging for tubes comprises up to 66 % recycled material.


In the last ten years, we have halved our water consumption through the installation of a central treatment plant.


Through the use of tablets in our production process, we are saving more than 500 kilos of paper every year.


85 % of our production waste is sorted and recycled. 15 % of waste is thermally recycled (energy recovery).


By connecting to a pellet heating system in 2014, Neopac has lowered its CO2 emissions by 656 tons per year.

Sustainability News

  • PR Picture Eco Pro
    03. May 2023

    At Luxe Pack NY, Neopac to Debut Mono-Material Double Barrier Tubes with High-Percentage PCR

    Made with 60% EU food-grade, post-consumer recycled content, Neopac’s latest sustainable tubes are company’s first PCR level Polyfoil® barrier tube offering


  • Paper X PR
    30. Mar 2023

    Neopac Introduces Fiber-based Tubes for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

    Company’s PaperX Tube significantly reduces plastic materials and overall carbon footprint.


  • NEO Recy Class Polyfoil MMB E
    15. Feb 2023

    Neopac’s EVOH-free Barrier Tube Concept Receives a RecyClass Recyclability Approval

    Following independent testing in accordance with the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol, Neopac ‘Polyfoil® MMB 545/645’ tube is approved as fully compatible with the European rigid high density polyethylene (HDPE) recycling stream. This HDPE tube is paired with HDPE shoulders and cap, and ideal for cosmetic, dental and pharmaceutical applications.


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