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  • 1 ETMA 1x1 1 27. Jun 2024

    Neopac wins ETMA Award for World's Smallest Child Resistant Tube

    Company’s 10mm Polyfoil® tube with Child Resistant Nozzle Cap named winner in European Tube Manufacturers Association’s “Prototype” category.


  • 6 Tube Council Award Linked In 1x1 18. Jun 2024

    Neopac Wins Prestigious Ted Klein Tube of the Year Award from the Tube Council

    The company also received a Gold Award in pharmaceutical category for tube housing pain relief cream for Icy Hot®.


  • 24 04 Luxepack New York News Page 09. May 2024

    Neopac Announces New Cosmetics Tube Line in US Facility, and launches Polyfoil® Sensation

    At Luxe Pack New York, Neopac Announces New Cosmetics Tube Line in US Facility, commencing production in August 2024.


  • Mark Aegler Website Farewell Web 14. Mar 2024 #Organizational   

    Change in Management of Hoffmann Neopac AG

    Hoffmann Neopac announces a change at the top. Mark Aegler, CEO of the Hoffmann Neopac Group, has decided to leave the company after 13 years.


  • Paper X Sealing IWK Web 07. Mar 2024 #Sustainability   

    Neopac's PaperX: Pioneering Fiber-Based Tubes Proven Excellent Sealability on IWK Equipment

    The sealability of the PaperX Tubes was rigorously tested on IWK's standard tube filling and sealing equipment in October 2023, marking a significant achievement and validation of Neopac's breakthrough. The results were nothing short of impressive - The PaperX tube achieved commendable sealing results. Overcoming the historical challenges of sealability in fiber-based tubes, the PaperX Tubes, with their proven weldability and strength, represent a significant milestone in the evolution of sustainable packaging.


  • 2024 NEOPAC Header PR Pharmapack 31. Jan 2024

    Neopac Showcases Latest Tube, Dispensing and Cap Innovations at Pharmapack Paris

    Highlights include company’s reduced material LowPro caps, and world’s smallest child resistant tube.


  • NEOPAC Low Profile 3 24. Jan 2024 #Sustainability   

    At Paris Packaging Week, Hoffmann Neopac AG Introduces Range of LowPro Caps Compatible with EcoDesign Tubes

    Company’s new collection of reduced material flip-top caps can be seamlessly integrated with diverse range of sustainable tubes.


  • NEW HEAD OF SALES COSMETICS 27. Dec 2023 #Organizational   

    Eco-Friendly Beauty Packaging Trends: A Deep Dive with our Head of Sales Cosmetics

    Explore the latest eco-friendly packaging trends and sustainable innovations in cosmetics tubes in our interview with our Head of Sales Cosmetics.


  • 30. Nov 2023

    Neopac Receives Hungaropack Award for Intricate Digitally Printed Tube

    Direct digital print tube solution developed for prominent herbal products company.


  • PR CPHI SLN CR MMB 26. Oct 2023 #Sustainability    #Animal Health   

    At CPhI Barcelona, Neopac Showcases Latest Tube Innovations & Sustainability Advancements

    World’s smallest child resistant tube and targeted nozzle applicator among introductions.


  • European Veterinary Dermatology congress News Events Web 05. Sep 2023 #Animal Health   

    Unveiling the Future of Vet Dermatology Packaging: Insights from ECVD 2023

    The future of Vet Dermatology packaging is sustainable and user-friendly. Read the interview for more information.


  • PR Picture Eco Pro 03. May 2023 #Sustainability   

    At Luxe Pack NY, Neopac to Debut Mono-Material Double Barrier Tubes with High-Percentage PCR

    Made with 60% EU food-grade, post-consumer recycled content, Neopac’s latest sustainable tubes are company’s first PCR level Polyfoil® barrier tube offering


  • Paper X PR 30. Mar 2023 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Introduces Fiber-based Tubes for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products

    Company’s PaperX Tube significantly reduces plastic materials and overall carbon footprint.


  • Press Release Velox 09. Mar 2023

    Enhancing Tube Decoration Capabilities, Neopac Incorporates Velox’s Mass Production Digital Printing System

    High-definition print technology of the Velox IDS-PT™ 250 further expands the digital decoration options for Neopac’s EcoDesign tubes.


  • NEO Recy Class Polyfoil MMB E 15. Feb 2023 #Sustainability   

    Neopac’s EVOH-free Barrier Tube Concept Receives a RecyClass Recyclability Approval

    Following independent testing in accordance with the RecyClass Recyclability Evaluation Protocol, Neopac ‘Polyfoil® MMB 545/645’ tube is approved as fully compatible with the European rigid high density polyethylene (HDPE) recycling stream. This HDPE tube is paired with HDPE shoulders and cap, and ideal for cosmetic, dental and pharmaceutical applications.


  • Nozzle Tube 06. Feb 2023

    Pharmapack: Where Innovation, Networking, and Education Meet!

    Our Animal Health Expert, Maud Sylvain-Neugart, was present. Catch her exclusive interview for an insider's perspective on all the excitement from the event!


  • 01. Dec 2022 #Sustainability   

    Entry 403514


  • Neopac The Tube ETMA Award composition 11. Aug 2022

    Neopac Wins European Tube Manufacturers Association Awards in Plastics, Prototypes Categories

    Company’s digitally printed PICEA™ Tube for Liebwerk claims ‘Plastics’ category; new polypropylene-based mono-material barrier tube, Polyfoil® MMB PP, named best Prototype.


  • Neopac Solar Panel Project in Hungary Facility 22. Jun 2022 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Mounts Large-scale Solar Panel Installation at Hungarian Facility

    Project will encompass more than 2,700 solar panels, generating some 15% of plant's power.


  • Neopac The Tube Eco Stripped Tube Rendering STRIPPED 12. May 2022 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Introduces "Eco-Stripped" Tube with 30% Less Plastics, Including Slimmed-Down Shoulder & Cap

    Concept extends company's materials-reduction mindset to cap and shoulder, saving customers carbon footprint, EPR fees & shipping costs without sacrificing product protection, haptics or esthetics.


  • 3 Dneopac flexo 30. Mar 2022

    3D Neopac Announces Technology Investments into EcoDesign Tubes, decoration and capacity extension

    The company has recently performed several technology upgrades in production and brings a variety of EcoDesign solutions for its signature SpringTube™ and Plastic Tubes.


  • Neopac The Tube Saperatec split 22. Feb 2022

    Closing the loop with aluminum barrier tubes

    Hoffmann Neopac has become the first tube manufacturer to sign a partnership with Saperatec. The manufacturer of barrier tubes for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and oral care products will supply its production waste to Saperatec, the first industrial recycling plant for aluminum laminate composites, upon its opening in mid-2023.


  • Neopac The Tube Polyfoil MMB APR R Ecognition blue 03. Feb 2022

    Neopac’s Polyfoil MMB® Tube Approved by USA’s Association of Plastic Recyclers

    APR’s strict recycling standards met by company’s mono-material barrier tube, in versions both with and without thin film metallization.


  • Image PF MMB PP Tube 16. Nov 2021 #Sustainability   

    Polyfoil® MMB Polypropylene Barrier Tube by Neopac approved by RecyClass


  • Filorga ETMA Tube of The Year 08. Nov 2021 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Wins European Tube Manufacturers Association Awards

    Company’s Stylo™ Pipette Tube for Filorga takes ‘Laminates’ category; new mono-material barrier tube, Polyfoil® MMB, named best Prototype.


  • Eco Design Amenity Set 1200x800 17. Oct 2021

    At Luxe Pack NY, Neopac to Showcase New Mono-Material Barrier Tubes Designed for Recyclability, Among Other Solutions

    In addition to its recently released Polyfoil MMB®, company will announce plans for a dedicated tube production line for cosmetics and oral care sectors at its US manufacturing facility.


  • 13. Oct 2021 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Wins Pharmapack Sustainability Award for Mono-Material Barrier Tubes Designed for Recyclability

    Company's recently introduced Polyfoil® MMB takes top honors in Pharmapack Awards' Excellence in Sustainability category.


  • Swp ceremony engeler binggeli RET 07. Sep 2021 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Wins Swiss Packaging Award for First Application of Novel Tube Procurement Service

    Utilized for Well Body foot cream from Steinfels, Neopac’s DigitAll360° offers intuitive ordering of digitally printed tubes with high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery.


  • Neopac Introduces Small Website News Key Graphics 10. Jun 2021

    Neopac Introduces Small Polyfoil® Tube with Tamper-evident Nozzle

    Produced at company’s USA facility, solution helps safeguard tubes for topical disinfectants, eye ointments & creams, and oral care products


  • ISCC Press Release 2021 18. May 2021 #Sustainability   

    Hoffmann Neopac Gains Key Sustainability Designation

    Company’s manufacturing plant in Debrecen, Hungary achieves ISCC PLUS recognition, broadening its eco-certified materials stream for tubes


  • Hoffmann Neopac Makes Massive Green Energy Investment at Switzerland Packaging Plants 22. Apr 2021 #Sustainability   

    Hoffmann Neopac Makes Massive Green Energy Investment at Switzerland Packaging Plants

    Company’s Switzerland facilities are now fully powered by renewable electricity via hydroelectric power and an extensive new solar plant


  • 19 nahrungsergänzung streuli LUCE D3 mit Tube D 31. Mar 2021

    Neopac Develops Polyfoil® Dropper Tube Solution for Vegan Vitamin D Product

    Tube Packaging for Luce D3 from Streuli Pharma offers exemplary barrier protection, metered dosing and easy-to-handle portability.


  • HONE Newsletter sustainability Header 21. Mar 2021

    Choose the best toothpaste packaging for the environment

    Finding a sustainable packaging which offers compatibility with the formula is not an easy one for anyone. Tube packaging companies are tackling different goals: Reducing the wall thickness of the tubes but also using mono-materials - are achieved without impairing product safety or barrier properties.


  • Polyfoil MMB v2 14. Mar 2021

    Certified Recycling for Polyfoil® mono-material tubes

    The innovation of Neopac, Polyfoil® MMB tubes with HDPE cap are considered as pioneer solution, as the first tube packaging technology to be certified by RecyClass. Polyfoil® MMB tubes received the first fully product approval for tubes with final artwork including the HDPE caps that goes to HDPE streams.


  • Neopac The Tube ETMA statistics 10. Mar 2021

    European tube industry very robust in the pandemic year 2020

    ETMA: Only a slight decrease in tube production of 0.4 percent


  • Lightweight Tube Website 23. Feb 2021

    Neopac Introduces Lightweight Plastic Tube with Reduced Wall Thickness for Enhanced Sustainability

    Latest addition to company’s EcoDesign portfolio of sustainability-minded tubes uses up to 30% less virgin materials


  • Revolt Box Tub Website Tclogo 22. Feb 2021

    Neopac Wins Tube Council Award for High-Barrier, Easy-Application Solution for Veterinary Products

    Antiparasitic Revolt™ Topical Solution from Aurora Pharmaceuticals housed in customized version of Neopac’s Twist’n’use™ tube for competitive differentiation.


  • Landingpage Ah 10. Feb 2021

    Easy-to-use, Highly Protective Packaging for Animal Health Products

    “Let’s twist again!”, says Tim the cat and Rover the dog!


  • Digitall360° Key Visual 02. Feb 2021

    DigitAll360°: Neopac Launches Online Shop for digitally printed Tubes

    Microsite for company’s DigitAll360° service offers intuitive ordering of digitally printed tubes with high-quality variable printing, precision color matching, flexible batch sizes and expedited delivery.


  • Manna Farfalla Wpo 2021 27. Jan 2021 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Wins WorldStar Awards for Two Sustainability-minded Tube Solutions

    Premium tube provider takes home pair of awards in competitive “Health & Personal Care” category.


  • Revolt Box Tub 15. Dec 2020

    Neopac Develops High-Barrier, Easy-Application Tube Solution for Veterinary Drug from Aurora Pharmaceuticals

    Anti-parisitic Revolt™ Topical Solution housed in customized version of Neopac’s Twist’n’use™ tube for competitive differentiation.


  • Neopac The Tube Ecodesign Polyfoil Mmb Starting Post 03. Dec 2020 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Introduces Europe’s First Mono-Material Barrier Tubes with HDPE Caps to Receive Full RecyClass Technology & Product Approval

    Polyfoil MMB® portfolio of tube solutions can be paired with HDPE caps for comprehensive, “ready to recycle” packaging sustainability.


  • Pe Caps Key Visual Complete Tube Transparent 30. Sep 2020

    Neopac Introduces Market’s First Recyclable PE Based Mono-material Tube with HDPE Flip-top Cap

    High-density polyethylene caps pair with polyethylene tubes for completely recyclable packaging in existing PE streams.


  • Neopac The Tube Etma Tube Of The Year 2020 17. Aug 2020

    Neopac Wins Pair of "Tube of the Year" Awards from European Tube Manufacturers Association

    Company’s PLASTIC RECYCLED TUBE and Stylo™ Polyfoil® Tube with Spatula Applicator take top honors.


  • Neopac The Tube Tube Design Guide 10. Aug 2020

    Making Progress Toward Sustainable Packaging

    Packaging companies serving the pharma sector must turn their attention to sustainability to reduce plastics in packaging design and enhance recyclability.


  • Polyfoil-MMB_Key-Visual 13. May 2020

    Why recyclable tube packaging can be a strategic advantage for your company

    Neopac is dedicated to developing new mono-material structures that are already recyclable in existing streams.


  • 3D Neopac Anant Gadre 03. Feb 2020

    Anant Gadre Joins 3D Neopac as Managing Director

    Accomplished packaging professional to expand company's tube business in both legacy and recently introduced product portfolios.


  • Cnl Pcd 2020 Maud Sylvain Neugart 18. Nov 2019

    Meet Neopac's New Business Development Manager


  • Neopac The Tube Tube Design Guide 08. Nov 2019

    Neopac Introduces Tube Design Guide for Optimum Recyclability at CPhI Worldwide

    Multi-step primer aligns with EU’s heightened goals for plastic packaging recyclability.


  • Neopac Awards Canesten Voltaren Steridrop 1200X628 12. Sep 2019

    Neopac Wins Three Prestigious Healthcare Sector Packaging Awards

    Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for a broad array of industries and applications, recently received three high-profile awards for tube solutions in the healthcare sector.


  • Neopac The Tube D3 Piccolo 11. Jun 2019

    Neopac Develops Polyfoil® Dropper Tube Solution for Streuli Vitamin D Application

    Partnership yields direct, precise dosing of Vitamin D for children and infants.


  • Neopac The Tube Biana 23. May 2019 #Sustainability   

    Neopac Recognized in Two Competitions Highlighting Sustainable and Innovative Packaging Solutions

    First, Neopac was one of five finalists for a Green Award at LuxePack New York, where the company's PICEA™ tube, which houses a line of hair conditioners for Neopac's customer, Madara.


  • 190516 Grand Opening Wilson 2019 Ribbon Cutting 17. May 2019

    Neopac Opens First U.S. Facility

    Opening of Wilson, N.C. Facility Provides VIP Guests with Demo of the High-Speed Tube Production Line and Speeches


  • 2019 Neopac Us Wilson Tubes 08. May 2019

    Neopac Joins Tube Council of North America with Opening of First U.S. Manufacturing Facility

    Membership as Neopac US Inc. solidifies company’s role as leading tube manufacturer on global stage, offers networking & promotional opportunities for continued growth.


  • Smart Green Island Makeathon 2019 Team 22. Feb 2019

    Neopac Participates in Smart Green Island Makeathon Youth Education Challenge

    Company to support efforts for digitized and sustainable future while encouraging education endeavors.


  • Photo Bamse PICEA™ Wood Tube PCD Award 2019 01. Feb 2019

    Neopac’s PICEA™ Tube for Bamse Brand honored for Sustainability at PCD Paris

    Derived from spruce wood waste, PICEA™ Tube exemplifies company’s EcoDesign portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions.


  • Neopac The Tube Recycled Tube 15. Jan 2019

    At PCD Paris, Neopac to Introduce Latest Product in EcoDesign Portfolio

    New Recycled Plastic Tube Joins Existing Portfolio of Sustainable Packaging Solutions.


  • Neopac The Tube 10Mm Biopelle Twistnuse Tensage 31. Oct 2018

    Twist’n’use™ Tube wins Pack Expo Award

    At Pack Expo, Hoffmann Neopac Wins Personal Care Products Technology Excellence Award for Polyfoil® Twist’n’use™ Tube.


  • Neopac The Tube SteriDrop™ 02. Oct 2018

    SteriDrop™ tubes for Preservative-free Eyedrops

    The SteriDrop™ tube provides exemplary protection and delivery of preservative-free eyedrops.


  • Overview Nutraceutical 17. May 2018

    Freshly and securely packed food supplements

    Hoffmann Neopac already offers suitable packaging and supplements the product range with child-safe tins and dropper tubes.


  • News Map Lamm Road 10. Apr 2018

    Neopac Chooses Wilson for New North American Headquarters and First US Plant

    Neopac US, Inc., a global manufacturer of primary packaging for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, chose Wilson, N.C. for its first U.S. manufacturing plant and new North American headquarters, Governor Roy Cooper announced today. The company will build a new high-tech facility for high barrier Polyfoil® tube production at the Wilson Corporate Park and will work with the local government and education system to train new employees.


  • Keisha-Broadway 01. Mar 2018

    Keisha Broadway - new Sales Manager Cosmetics USA

    Hoffmann Neopac AG, a leading supplier of tube packaging to the worldwide pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries based in Switzerland, has named a new Sales Manager Cosmetics for the North American Market.


  • Neopac_The_Tube_Cr_Dropper_N-18 30. Jan 2018

    The perfect Dropper for oral applications

    With Neopac's dropper tube, you can offer your customers a user-friendly option, controlled drops and precise dosage.


  • Neopac_The_Tube_Amplify_Silgan 25. Jan 2018

    The Amplify Airless Tube for an active lifestyle

    It offers great user friendliness and allows easy, hygienic and controlled dosing – right down to the last detail: the amplify airless tube from Neopac. The cost-effective airless tube developed in full cooperation with Silgan Dispensing completely foregoes metal components.


  • Img_20171026_173447_Zugeschnitten_Web 26. Oct 2017

    Neopac takes a majority stake in 3D Technopack

    Hoffmann Neopac AG, a leading supplier of tube packaging to the worldwide pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries based in Switzerland, has taken a majority stake in 3D Technopack Pvt. Ltd. based in Mumbai, India. This investment strengthens the company's international market presence and expands its expertise in tube manufacturing.


  • Tubeawardneopac 28. Sep 2017

    Two «Tube of the Year» awards for Neopac

    In June 2017, the ETMA jury distinguished two Neopac tubes – in the laminate category, the Polyfoil® Twist'n'use tube won with an ergonomic cap for Bravecto, a product for MSD Animal Health. The Stylo™, the tube with a precise applicator for liquid and semi-solid cosmetics, earned first place in the prototypes category.


  • Shoulderprinting 20. Sep 2017

    Full-body printed tubes from Ø 16 mm

    Our PE and COEX tubes are now even more beautiful! With our new tube line, from the start of 2018, it will be possible to conduct full offset printing on tubes with smaller diameters.


  • Neopac_Hungary 27. Jun 2017

    Tu-Plast Tubeproducing Ltd. is now called Neopac Hungary Ltd.

    The Hungarian subsidiary of the tube and tin manufacturer Hoffmann Neopac AG, Tu-Plast Tubeproducing Ltd., will be known as Neopac Hungary Ltd. from 1 July 2017 onwards.


  • Baby_Care_Diaper_Rash_Cream_Neopac 13. Jun 2017

    Practical packaging at an attractive price

    Taking care of a baby is challenging and needs happen anytime, anywhere. The new Amplify Airless pump tube is perfectly suited as an ideal companion for young parents.


  • Baby_Care_Sunscreen_Lotion_Neopac 11. Jun 2017

    Complete protection

    Parents protect their children from the sun. With our tamper proof Polyfoil® barrier tubes you can protect your product from light and oxygen.


  • 10. Jun 2017

    Out of love for your baby and for the environment

    Nothing can replace a parent's love for their child. Our environment is also irreplaceable. Hoffmann's tins protect both children AND the environment.


  • Baby_Care_Vitamin_D3_Neopac 01. Jun 2017

    Better health, drop by drop

    With a well-balanced diet, parents can positively influence their own health and that of their children. Nevertheless, people still need food supplements such as vitamin D. With Neopac's dropper tube, parents can give their children necessary vitamins easily and quickly in a fluid form.


  • Spinndose_Im_Rampenlicht_Neopac 05. May 2017

    The Spin’n’dose™ tube in the spotlight

    On Thursday May 4, our Spin’n’dose™ tube won the World Star Award 2017 in the medical and pharmaceutical category. We were there and celebrated the prize.


  • Stylo_Bristle_Neopac 04. May 2017

    Le Stylo Bristle, le nouvel applicateur des produits pharmaceutiques

    À l'automne 2016, nous avons lancé deux nouveaux applicateurs, le Stylo Pipette et le Stylo Liner, à destination des produits cosmétiques. Cette année, c’est au tour du Stylo Bristle de faire son entrée sur le marché pharmaceutique.


  • Twistnbrush_Neopac 04. May 2017

    Twist'n'brush™ tube convinces students

    Remove the cap, turn the nozzle, apply the product. Is using our Twist'n'brush™ tube really that simple? That's exactly what we asked 65 students from the University of Bern (Switzerland) to test.


  • Keihl_Child-Resistant_Polyfoil_Tubes_Neopac 03. May 2017

    Kiehl’s is relying on child-resistant Polyfoil® tubes

    The customization of care products is a hot topic at the moment. Consumers are today too keen when it comes to getting a customized product. Personal data are disclosed, as far as their own DNA.


  • État_Pur_Neopac 03. May 2017

    ETAT PUR has launched its DAYLIGHT PROTECT REFLEX SPF 20 in a dropper tube

    An interview with Camille Piligian product manager of NAOS GROUP.


  • Spinndose_Neopac 20. Jan 2017

    And another WorldStar Award 2017 goes to...

    … die Spin'n'dose™ Tube. Mit ihr lassen sich halbfeste Produkte wie Crèmes und Gels einfach und genau dosieren. Das neuartige Dosierrad bringt nach einem 180°-Dreh 0.5 ml oder 1 ml aus der Tube.


  • Hoffmann_Neopac_Ag_Oberdiessbach 20. Jan 2017

    New pharmaceutical tube line for greater flexibility

    High demand led to production shortages at the Swiss tube manufacturer Hoffmann Neopac. With a new tube line in Oberdiessbach, the family owned company increases its production and thus ensures shorter delivery times and greater flexibility.


  • Fleximed_Easymix_Neopac 20. Jan 2017

    Medical: First stability samples delivered

    In December, we delivered the first large-scale Fleximed® vial samples for stability tests. The tubes are filled by the customer and tested in accelerated conditions, i.e. stored for 6 months at 40°C. This corresponds to a two-year storage period at room temperature. We are eagerly looking forward to the results.


  • Worldstar_Award_Neopac 06. Jan 2017

    And the WorldStar Award 2017 goes to...

    … the ÜBERWOOD® Tube. One of our polyethylene tubes made with over 25% wood. ÜBERWOOD® is a natural care range for skin and hair from EWALD.


  • Neopac-Hungary-Tubeline_New 06. Jan 2017

    New tube lines for shorter delivery time-frames

    The increasing demand for tubes led to capacity shortages in recent months. Thanks to a new tube line at the Debrecen plant in Hungary, we will increase production and thus guarantee shorter delivery time-frames. The new line will be operational in the first quarter of 2017.


  • Benefishial_Neopac 22. Sep 2016

    Le Polyfoil® Evoclassic Airless ajoute de l'huile de poisson dans la nourriture des animaux

    Avec BeneFishial™ Pet, le professeur et docteur Paul Kerth, directeur de Preventor µTBC GmbH, en Allemagne, propose un produit aux cliniques et cabinets vétérinaires coréens encore inexistant sur le marché de la santé vétérinaire premium: de l'huile de poisson dans un tube Polyfoil® Evoclassic Airless.


  • Proshield_Neopac 22. Sep 2016

    Can-Vet uses the Twist'n'use™ tube

    The Canadian manufacturer and distributor of animal health products, Can-Vet, uses our Twist'n'use™ tube for its generic cat and dog flea treatment, Pro-Shield10®. Introduced in January 2016, the success of Pro-Shield10® exceeded the expectations of CEO Trevor Grant in the first season.


  • Cphi_October_2016 22. Sep 2016

    Twist'n'brush™ at CPhI Worldwide in Barcelona

    On Tuesday, October 4th 2016, at 10.30 am at CPhI Worldwide, we will be presenting, with our partner GEKA Healthcare on the InnoPack Showcase, our latest innovation: the Twist'n'brush™ tube. A Polyfoil®-Twist'n'use™ tube with a micro-brush applicator by GEKA Healthcare.


  • Stylo_Neopac 14. Sep 2016

    Stylo – the new way of writing skincare

    Rewrite your products' success story now. With the two brand new tube applicators, Stylo Pipette and Stylo Liner, insure precise or meticulous applications for your liquid or cream products on the skin.


  • Ueberwood_01_Neopac 13. Sep 2016

    ÜBERWOOD® – wood is the key to success

    ÜBERWOOD® is the name of the latest achievement from EWALD. The natural skin and hair product line offers protection and care with the ancient power of the pine tree. With ÜBERWOOD®, EWALD presents its youthful, fresh and different concept of naturalness. In addition to the product being made from natural ingredients, the tube is also partly made of wood.


  • Airless-Tube_Prevage_02_Neopac 13. Sep 2016

    Elizabeth Arden uses the Polyfoil® Evolux Airless Tube

    PREVAGE® City Smart, on the market since June 2016, is the first skin protection shield of its kind. It safeguards skin from pollution and UV rays and improves resistance thanks to the DNA Enzyme Complex™. The sheer, hydrating, invisible protection helps skin look younger, longer.


  • Tincaps_Neopac 13. Sep 2016

    Tin Caps – branding on the cap

    Tin Caps – that's the name of the tin tube caps. Branding no longer has to stay on the tube body; put your branding on the cap too. Design your cap with 6-colour offset printing, an opaque or metallic finish (varnished), different varnishes and different embossing.


  • Biopelle_Tensage_50_Neopac 15. Jul 2016

    Biopelle trusts in 10 mm Polyfoil® single dose tube

    Biopelle Inc. faced a significant challenge in trying to find the ideal package for their very unique and high potency serum product Tensage® Intensive Serum 50. «The formula includes natural, rare oils, secretions and incipients which results in a product that is be significantly superior to other skin damage treatments caused by ultraviolet light», says Jenell Chubb, Director of Operations at Biopelle, Inc.. There was a worldwide search to find an unit dose package that could meet all their requirements. Of critical importance was compatibility of the formula with the materials of the primary container. Onother key consideration in designing the package was the ability for the package to have a high value appearance while allowing the consumer to easily dispense the product without removing any part of the container.


  • World_Star_Award_Twistnuse_Neopac 12. Jul 2016

    Four packaging awards in the first half-year

    In the first six months of the year, Hoffmann Neopac received four packaging awards. For the Twist'n'use™ tube with smooth nozzle tip we won the Pharmapack Award 2016, together with Elanco. In May, the Twist'n'use™ tube with a two-wing cap for Safergel received a World Star Award 2016.


  • Cphi_Shanghai_Neopac 06. Jul 2016

    Small tubes at CPhI in Shanghai

    We are just back from Shanghai, with many new impressions. In the dynamic environment of the constantly changing metropolis, we had the opportunity to prove our market leadership in the eye ointment field, along with our innovative capacity.


  • Husisteinpartner_Gewinnt_Architekturwettbewerb 14. Jun 2016

    Husistein & Partner AG gewinnt den Architekturwettbewerb

    Die Hoffmann Neopac AG verfügt an ihrem Produktionsstandort an der Eisenbahnstrasse in Thun über eine ungenutzte Landreserve von rund 35‘700 m2. Da für die Produktion von Dosen aus Metall bereits genügend Fläche vorhanden ist, beabsichtigt die Firma, das verbleibende Areal anders zu nutzen.


  • Etma_Award_Polywood_Spinndose_Neopac 08. Jun 2016

    Two ETMA Awards 2016 for Neopac

    Last week, the jury of the European Tube Manufacturing Association (ETMA) met and rewarded the most innovative tubes. Neopac won two prizes.


  • Logocos_Neopac 07. Jun 2016

    Natural Cosmetics tubes for Logocos Naturkosmetik GmbH

    The cooperation between Neopac and Logocos Naturkosmetik has been established more than four years ago. Their Sante tubes produced by Neopac include their whole range of body and hair care products.


  • Pda_Medical_Sympsoium_Neopac 18. May 2016

    Looking back at a successful medical symposium

    In early May, in the Kursaal Bern, the Parenteral Drug Association Europe (PDA) held a workshop for pharmacists on the subject of "critical requirements for modern pharmaceutical packaging in hospitals". 25 participants made use of the opportunity to call in at Hoffmann Neopac in Oberdiessbach and view the new medical clean room for tube packaging for medical applications.


  • Airless-Tuben_Neopac_Maul_Wilz 04. May 2016

    MALU WILZ chooses glossy Airless Tubes from Neopac

    MALU WILZ launched its Natural Beauty Day Cream this month. The capsules of pigment pearls in the cream break open when applied to the skin and complement almost every skin tone, giving a very natural, even complexion.


  • 2016Ws_El_Hr_324X270 24. Feb 2016

    2016 PDA Europe Workshop in Bern, Switzerland

    This PDA workshop addresses components and primary packing solutions for injectables.


  • Osurnia_Twistnuse_Award 23. Feb 2016

    Pharmapack Award 2016: Osurnia Twist'n'use tube from Neopac

    The Pharma Award for veterinary packaging and ease of use went to Twist'n'use™ Osurnia developped by Elanco & Neopac. Twist'n'use is a single dose concept which simplifies the administration of the exact volume at each administration.


  • 05. Feb 2016

    Apply with precision with the Twist'n'brush™ from Neopac

    The tube uniquely combines our proven Twist'n'use™ system with extremely fine micro-bristles from GEKA Healthcare.


  • News_Spin_N_Dose 02. Feb 2016

    Spin'n'dose™: for correct dosing of viscous contents

    The innovative dispensing wheel doses 0.5 or 1 g from the tube when turned 180°. And there is no pump.


  • Michael_Aringhoff_Head_Marketing_Sales_Cosmetics 01. Feb 2016

    Neopac and Tu-Plast consolidate their sales organization for cosmetics

    Some ten years after becoming majority shareholder in Tu-Plast Ltd. based in Debrecen, Hungary, sales of the company’s cosmetics products are being consolidated under the leadership of Michael Aringhoff. As commercial director, Attila Békési is heading the group’s sales regions and will report directly to Michael Aringhoff. Monika Rüegg is now leading strategic market projects.


  • News_Neopac_Tin_Caps 29. Jan 2016

    Neopac presents Tin Caps – individually printable caps

    With the new Tin Caps from Neopac, branding on packaging is no longer limited to the body. Every cap is an additional, individual design element.


  • News_Polaris_Applicator 04. Jan 2016

    A new addition to the Neopac Polaris tube applicator family

    Two years ago, Neopac launched its «Polaris Cool Tip» tube applicator made of zamak. The well-formed design and cooling effect proved very popular amongst customers.


  • News_Laboratoires_Liomont 06. Oct 2015

    First childproof nozzle tube for Laboratoires Liomont

    Within only one year project time, Mexico-based Laboratoires Liomont marketed a childproof nozzle tube with a diameter of 13.5 mm – the first company to do so. The product it contains is Cicloferon, an ointment for treating cold sores that is marketed in the United States by Marcas.


  • News_Innovation_Award_Gsk 25. Jun 2015

    Neopac wins innovation award by GSK

    Neopac has recently been awarded by GSK for its outstanding business-case presented at PackOvation 2015 in Shanghai.


  • News_Etma_Award 09. Jun 2015

    Neopac wins the ETMA Award 2015 for laminate tubes

    Good news from Munich: the Polyfoil® PP tube with the Twist'n'Use™ applicator from Neopac has been awarded the coveted prize by the European Tube Manufacturer Association (ETMA) in the «Laminate tube» category.


  • News_Alcina 08. Jun 2015

    Hyaluron 2.0 eye gel in Neopac's Polaris Ceramic Cooltip

    This year Neopac has been manufacturing a 19 mm diameter tube with the Polaris ceramic applicator for the care range ALCINA from Dr. Kurt Wolff. The Polyfoil® tube protects the Hyaluron 2.0 eye gel perfectly against influences such as air, light and contamination.


  • 13. May 2015

    50 years of Polyfoil® – a symbiosis of protection and design

    Neopac has reason to celebrate: The Polyfoil® Tube Original is now 50 years old.


  • News_Motorex 11. May 2015

    Dropper tube: precise dosing for Motorex hydraulic oil

    Oil, tube and precise dosing – does that work? Yes, the company Revotool chose Neopac’s dropper tube as the packaging for Motorex hydraulic oil and they are very pleased with it.


  • News_Toko_Express_Wax_Careline 08. May 2015

    Well presented at POS - Toko Express Wax and Careline

    Whether Alpine skiing, cross-country, snowboarding, freeriding or touring, Toko offers the right products for all skiers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. And we provide the right packaging.


  • News_Schwamm_Applikator 07. May 2015

    The versatile sponge applicator

    For bike enthusiasts, handbags, DIYers, professional handymen: the tube with a sponge applicator is suitable for a wide range of uses.


  • News_Schwarze_Zahnpflege_Curaprox 30. Apr 2015

    Schwarze Zahnpflege aus der Neopac Softtouch Tube

    Take black, get white – so wirbt Curaprox mit ihrer neuesten Zahnreinigungs-Erfindung. Die Whitening-Zahnpasta «Black Is White» entfernt Verfärbungen mithilfe von Aktivkohle, ohne zu schmirgeln, ohne zu bleichen – und stärkt dabei noch die Mundgesundheit. Die schwarze Zahnpasta (90 ml) sticht mit einer schicken Tube aus der Masse heraus und positioniert sich klar im Premium-Bereich.


  • News_Airless_Tube 02. Apr 2015

    Start the summer with make-up from the Airless tube

    Do you sometimes struggle with make-up packaging? Neopac’s airless-tube allows you to dose a precise amount of 0.24 g from the tube.


  • News_Kindersichere_Polyfoil 10. Feb 2015

    Kindersichere Polyfoil® Tuben von Neopac

    ​Kindersichere Verschlüsse für Arzneimittel sind ein wichtiges Thema im Markt. Die Verpackungen sollen zum einen kindersicher, zum anderen für Erwachsene leicht zu öffnen sein. Die CR-Verschlüsse von Neopac erfüllen all diese Voraussetzungen. Darüber hinaus bleibt das Füllgut dank der hohen Barriere-Eigenschaften der Polyfoil®-Tube optimal geschützt.


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