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ISCC Press Release 2021 18. May 2021

Hoffmann Neopac Gains Key Sustainability Designation

Thun, Switzerland – Hoffmann Neopac, a global provider of high-quality packaging for Pharma, Cosmetics and FMCG Industries, has successfully completed an audit conducted by the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) at its tube manufacturing facility in Debrecen, Hungary.

ISCC is a certification system denoting the sustainable, deforestation-free and traceable supply chain practices concerning a variety of raw materials, including non-bio renewables and recycled carbon materials. For Neopac, a highlight of this distinction is its ability to showcase the separate handling of recycled polyethylene (rPE), which is a key component in plastic tube solutions.

“Neopac is continuously striving to reach its full sustainability potential, including the materials we employ, the energy we use and, of course, the packaging solutions we provide,” said Krisztián Bíró, Head of Quality Management for Neopac. “For us, the most significant aspect of the ISCC PLUS designation is the proof of traceability it provides – a reassurance to our customers that the materials for their tube solutions are responsibly and sustainably sourced.”

ISCC will perform recertification annually, while Neopac’s internal audit team will ensure the traceability of ISCC-registered materials on an ongoing basis.

Hoffmann Neopac AG has put a high priority to sustainably manufacturing its packaging solutions, as well as to push recyclability and recycled content for all of its packaging products. For example, the company recently introduced a line of mono-material-barrier tube solutions, Polyfoil® MMB. The new offering was Europe’s first tube solution to achieve full technology approval from RecyClass™, and full recyclability grade A from SUEZ Circpack®.

A wide variety of EcoDesign solutions support the company’s commitment to sustainability-minded production breakthroughs. These includes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) caps; Recycled tubes with 64% PCR content; Lightweight plastic tubes with 30% weight reduction in the tube body; and bio-based tubes such as the novel PICEA wood-based tube. In the tin sector, the company has achieved full packaging steel circularity in collaboration with its steel supplier. The result has been the recent launch of RecyCan®, which is comprised of 100% PCR steel.

In addition, this year Neopac installed one of the largest solar power systems in its home country of Switzerland. The extensive green energy initiative with solar and hydroelectric power, which costs more than 2 million Swiss Francs ($2.2 million), will make the company fully electricity sustainable at each of its two manufacturing sites in Switzerland.

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