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Pda_Medical_Sympsoium_Neopac 18. May 2016

Looking back at a successful medical symposium

In early May, in the Kursaal Bern, the Parenteral Drug Association Europe (PDA) held a workshop for pharmacists on the subject of "critical requirements for modern pharmaceutical packaging in hospitals". 25 participants made use of the opportunity to call in at Hoffmann Neopac in Oberdiessbach and view the new medical clean room for tube packaging for medical applications.

What are current and future requirements for primary packaging for pharmaceutics? Experienced packaging experts discussed this question during the PDA Workshop, from technical, pharmaceutical, regulatory and user points of view. It quickly became clear that future requirements will be higher than current ones, coupled with rising cost pressure on the entire health system. All parties are required to provide new approaches; from raw material producers to regulating authorities to users in hospitals.
The hectic routine in hospitals, combined with scant resources, is out of balance with the increasingly detailed requirements of the pharmaceutical and packaging industry. Only rarely does the dosing unit purchased from the pharmaceutical manufacturer correspond to the most recently required dosage, which skilled employees have to administer to patients. In hospitals, many medications are diluted and/or portioned before being administered, which comes with a high potential for error.

New primary packaging like our Fleximed® Vial allows for safe and simple preparation and administration of parenteral drugs. Fleximed® moved away from the idea and concept phase a long time ago; since then, we have been able to manufacture marketable products. Participants in the medical symposium discovered this as they toured the premises. Visitors were able to discover the highly technological production standards used to produce Fleximed® and Polyfoil® tubes for themselves. We were delighted with the extremely positive feedback and the lively discussions.

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