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13. May 2015

50 years of Polyfoil® – a symbiosis of protection and design

Neopac has reason to celebrate: The Polyfoil® Tube Original is now 50 years old.

In 1965 we'd already spent 10 years manufacturing classic plastic tubes at the Oberdiessbach site in Switzerland, but these tubes didn't adequately protect all formulations. Not enough for our early customer, the «Goldene Apotheke Basel», which at that time wanted to bring a new toothpaste onto the market. The formulation was volatile and diffused through the plastic tube. So we developed the Polyfoil® tube with a special laminate ideal for the toothpaste. This laminate had a sliding inner layer so that the toothpaste could be squeezed out easily, almost without residues in the tube.
The pharmacist was concerned not only with protection, but also wanted their toothpaste brand to look good on the shelf. So we added a special overextrusion system to the side-seamer for the laminate tube and had this procedure patented as the Polyfoil® tube and later protected under a global trademark.

Since its invention the Polyfoil® tube has combined protection and design in a unique way. It protects the contents perfectly with an aluminium barrier against air, water and chemical influences and guarantees that the active substance does not evaporate in the packaging. The overextrusion completely covers the sideseam, so that the tube is printable evenly all the way round. The overextruseion gives the Polyfoil® tube more stability and restoring force, which consumers value, so it has a positive effect on the brand image.

We disclosed the technology for producing Polyfoil® tubes in the 70s and sold our own systems to other tube manufacturers. That generated competition in the market, but we hold our lead because we are continually developing our materials, applicators and production conditions. In the meantime we have 16 tube lines at two sites and are producing about 680 million PE, Coex and Polyfoil® tubes annually for use in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and dental industries. And more recently also in the medical field. The quality and perfection of our original Polyfoil® tube is still unsurpassed. We are glad that you put your trust in our 50 years' experience and choose the Polyfoil® Original for your product.

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