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Biopelle_Tensage_50_Neopac 15. July 2016

Biopelle trusts in 10 mm Polyfoil® single dose tube

Biopelle Inc. faced a significant challenge in trying to find the ideal package for their very unique and high potency serum product Tensage® Intensive Serum 50. «The formula includes natural, rare oils, secretions and incipients which results in a product that is be significantly superior to other skin damage treatments caused by ultraviolet light», says Jenell Chubb, Director of Operations at Biopelle, Inc.. There was a worldwide search to find an unit dose package that could meet all their requirements. Of critical importance was compatibility of the formula with the materials of the primary container. Onother key consideration in designing the package was the ability for the package to have a high value appearance while allowing the consumer to easily dispense the product without removing any part of the container.

Biopelle found all these characteristics in Neopac’s Polyfoil® Twist’n’use™ tube. Neopac assisted by conducting compatibility studies with the formula to select the ideal material needed to protect the formula and guarantee the required shelf life. To meet the compliance and quality level desired, ten individual 1.5 ml Polyfoil® ampoules are inserted into a custom thermoformed package. By twisting the cap, the inner tamper evident pin is released and allows the product to flow through the transparent nozzle. Beyond that, Neopac worked with Biopelles graphic group on the tube design. It was a challange combining the offset surface printing of the yellow box with the custom silver tube body for a branded design.

The final package meets all performance and esthetic criteria desired, which made Biopelle a happy customer: «Biopelle’s SCA 50 Biorepair Index package has the newest, most advanced unit dose design in the world.», claims Jenell Chubb. This product is sold through aesthetic doctor offices, medi-spas, internet retailers and other retail stores.

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