Polydose™ Airless Tube

  • Neopac The Tube Polydose Airless Pump

Easy, precise and consistent dosing

We offer a thoroughly impressive airless solution for oxygen-sensitive pharma products. Elegant and with a self-sealing actuator, it avoids hardened product residues in the pump. In this way, the Polyfoil® high oxygen barrier in combination with the Aptar airless pump form a dependable team in every application position for the range of 15 ml to 75 ml.


  • High barrier for sensitive contents
  • Easy and clean in use
  • Precise and consistent dosing
  • A valve keeps the orifice clean and sealed
  • No special conditions required for the filling process
  • Good residual emptying
  • No metal parts
  • Easy to carry for frequent travellers
  • Comfortable application (360°)
  • Possibilities to decorate the pump

Cosmetic applications

Suitable for all oxygen-sensitive lotions/crèmes, for maximum convenience and precise dosing of products such as:

  • Make-up
  • Skin and hair care
  • Sunscreens
  • Body lotions
  • Face care

Pharmaceutical applications

  • All oxygen-sensitive lotions
  • UV-sensitive products (sunscreens)
  • Products requiring a precise dosing
  • Viscous products
  • Dermatological/topical products


Tube Polyfoil®
Polyfoil® Sensation
Pump PE und PP (no metal parts)
Cap PP
Diameter 25/30 mm
Contents 15 – 75 ml
Dosage 0.5 ml
Offset print
Silk screen print
Hotfoil stamping
Varnish: glossy, satin, matte
Quality Pharma grade


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