Polyfoil® Polaris

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Ideal combination of shape, function and effect

Neopac Polyfoil® tubes Polaris with cool tip applicators offer a maximum of aesthetic and convenience. The combination of cooling HCT tips and Neopac’s high-quality Polyfoil® tubes is an excellent primary packaging solution for rich creams and serums.

The cool tip combines the cool touch of the ceramic or high glossy coated metal tips associated with the ergonomic shapes to provide the ultimate beauty gesture. The Polyfoil® tube provides reliable protection against numerous external influences such as light and oxygen.

It may be embossed, hot-stamped or finished with high-quality printing all-around and completed with a selection from our variety of cap designs.


  • Optimal protection for highly complex products thanks to the Polyfoil® barrier
  • Cooling effect with Polaris cool and Polaris ice tips
  • Individual color with Polaris pop
  • Gentle massage thanks to the ergonomic shape
  • Allergy free - tip WITHOUT nickel
  • Luxury designs from our specialists, tailored to meet the requirements of the cosmetics industry
  • Customer-specific design variations possible

Cosmetic applications

Skin Care Cosmetics

  • High-quality, multi-purpose creams and luxurious serums
  • Preparations providing a base for eye, lip and face make-up

Colour cosmetics

  • Concealer
  • Lip maximizer, liquid lipsticks, lipgloss


Tube Polyfoil®
Polyfoil® Sensation
Polaris cool ZAMAC, polished metal,
cooling effect, substantial own weight
Polaris ice ceramic, polished white,
cooling effect, substantial own weight
Polaris pop plastic, can be produced in
any colour on request, lightweight
Screw closure PET-G
Diameter 19 mm
Content 5 – 20 ml
Offset print
Silk screen print
Hotfoil stamping
Varnish: glossy, satin, matte
Quality Food grade


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