The new way of writing skincare

The Stylo tube rewrites your product’s success story in a choice of three different applicators: the Stylo™ Liner – meticulous, the Stylo™ Pipette – precise, and the Stylo™ Bristle, which softly strokes the skin. Apply liquid and semi-solid skincare products easily and precisely. The aesthetic ring ensures correct discharge and protects the product. Users intuitively understand how the ring works thanks to the arrow pictogram. The cone-shaped cap protects the applicator. Start a new product story with Stylo™.

Applications for the Stylo™ Liner

  • Anti-aging applications, e. g. wrinkle filler
  • Make-up applications
  • Creams for small blemishes and impurities

Applications for the Stylo™ Pipette

  • Serum for pigmentation and aging spots
  • Anti-aging formulations for eyes, lips and décolleté
  • Serum for hair ends
  • Cuticle serum/oil
  • Brightening tooth gel
  • Dietary supplement
  • Anti-pruritic products

Applications for the Stylo™ Bristle

  • Concealers/lotions
  • Nail care
  • Eyebrow care
  • Acne cream
  • Disinfectant solutions for piercings
  • Scar care
  • Mouth and teeth products
  • Stylo™ Liner Meticulous applications
  • Stylo™ Pipette Precise applications
  • Stylo™ Bristle Soft applications


  • Precise application for different viscous products
  • Easy-to-clean, hygienic applicators
  • Intuitive ergonomic tubes with «pen» look
  • Ring, cover and cap can be designed to customer specifications
  • The ring ensures discharge and product protection


Tube material
Production site Switzerland Polyfoil®
Production site Hungary PE, COEX, Sugarcane
Applicator material
Liner TPE
Pipette PET-G
Bristle MBA™ microbristle applicator – LDPE
Ring PE-HD
Cover PP
Cap PET-G (coloring or metallisation upon request)
Diameter 19 mm
Length 70 – 110 mm
Content 10 – 20 ml
Wall thickness 0.35, 0.5 mm


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