Polyfoil® SofTips™

  • Neopac The Tube Softips

Appealing aesthetics, precise, soft and clean.

Discover the unique combination of high barrier, appealing aesthetics and precise application. The Polyfoil® tube with SofTips™ applicators dispense the product by a soft tip valve precisely to defined parts of the face. A very hygienic application for sophisticated consumers.


  • High barrier for sensitive contents
  • Unique all-in-one solution: Polyfoil® tube from
  • Neopac with SofTips™ from Aptar
  • Application directly to the skin, avoiding finger contact to reduce contamination
  • The SofTips™ valve makes the product pleasant to apply
  • Clean, precise dispensing

Cosmetic applications

  • Anti-aging formulations
  • Treatment for pigment changes or age spots
  • Care of impurities
  • Eye care
  • Treatment of scars

Pharmaceutical applications

  • Care of impurities
  • Eye care
  • Wart treatments
  • Skin discolorations
  • Scar ointments
  • Other targeted, dermatological applications (creams, gels)


Tube material
Body Polyfoil®, PE
Head/closure PP, metal
Valve Silicone
Diameter 19 mm
Contents 10 – 20 ml
Pinpoint® slit size 2.8 mm
Ribbontip™ slit size 3.8 mm
Offset print
Silk screen print
Hotfoil stamping
Varnish: glossy, satin, matte
PE/COEX: Offset print and varnish only
Quality Pharma and food grade


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