Applicators &
Dispensing tubes

Our portfolio of Applicators & Dispensing tubes

  • Stylo™
  • Polyfoil® SofTips™
    Polyfoil® SofTips™ - eine Symbiose aus Ästhetik, Schutz und Komfort!
  • Polyfoil® Polaris
    Polyfoil® Polaris - ideal combination of shape, function and effect
  • Polyfoil® Roll-on
    Polyfoil® Roll-on – no more squeezing, roll it on!
  • Amplify™ Airless Tube
  • Airless Tube Evolux/Evoclassic
  • Polydose™ Airless Tube
    Polydose™ Airless Tube - Easy, precise and consistent dosing
  • Polyfoil® Dropper

Our applicators and pumps are suitable for a broad range of products, like liquids, oils, serums and creams. We offer o broad range of unique tube applicators like SofTips, Stylo Pipette, Stylo Liner and Stylo Bristle, Roll-on tubes, Dropper tubes and three airless pumps like Polydose, Amplify and Evolux or Evoclassic.

  • Clean and convenient dispensing
  • Precise application and dosing
  • Airless pumps for sensitive bulks
  • Pharma compliant materials
  • Best product protection with high-barrier Polyfoil® laminates
  • Luxury product look
  • Cooling tips available

Which packaging suits your needs best? Don’t hesitate to contact our sales team

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